Guarding Services

High-Risk Facility Protection

We design and manage security architecture for high profile persons and facilities against the risks of kidnap, assassinations, bombing etc. Public events and places with large gathering of people which have become veritable targets of terrorist activities are adequately protected with special vigilance and technology.

We assess potential threats and design security processes to resolve vulnerabilities. Integrated security processes combining physical devices, electronic equipments such as CCTV, intrusion detection devices, metal detectors are deployed for this purpose. This service can be designed for a short or long period of time.

Static Guard Services

We offer two categories of static guards:

a) Basic:
This allows clients to enjoy the services of a requested number of personnel for the protection of facilities based on their specifications.

b) Standard:
This package means that services are designed based on the outcome of security survey of a property which determines the requirements for protection.

Events Security Services

This package is designed to cover a client’s ceremony, for the protection of persons and facilities for a short period of time. This can either be:

a) Ordinary Events:
Guards will wear normal uniforms.

b) Ceremonial Events:
Guards will wear special ceremonial dresses.