Loss Management Services

We provide technical support for businesses to perform at optimum profitability, by helping them minimize loss through internal theft prevention and recovery of lost assets due to victimization by employees. Our loss management services include the following:

Internal Theft Prevention and Control

It is estimated that about 80% of employees will steal in their workplaces, if the opportunity exist. The solution is to effectively control work processes. “where ever control is lacking, abuse is inevitable.”

We study the work processes of employee in an organization to identify and eliminate the minutest opportunity for employees to steal the resources of the enterprise, by creating control functions against vulnerabilities and streamlining business processes (Procurement, Warehousing, Production, Sales, Accounting etc) for efficiency.

The processes are monitored and periodic performances are evaluated against business projections.

Employee Data Management

We conduct background checks for our clients on existing and potential employees and partners and provide reliable reports for business and human resource management decisions. Our reports which includes personality analysis on subjects help our clients to avoid employing or engaging people who have the tendency to victimize them

Clients can choose their fields of preference for investigation. No matter the field, we collect information from the original sources and do not make recourse to subjects in the course of investigation. Finally, reports are packaged under confidential cover.

In addition to conducting background checks, we help our clients manage employee data which involves data updates and storage.

High-Risk Facility Protection

We design and manage security architecture for high profile persons and facilities against the risks of kidnap, assassinations, bombing etc. Public events and places with large gathering of people which have become veritable targets of terrorist activities are adequately protected with special vigilance and technology.

We assess potential threats and design security processes to resolve vulnerabilities. Integrated security processes combining physical devices, electronic equipments such as CCTV, intrusion detection devices, metal detectors are deployed for this purpose. This service can be designed for a short or long period of time.

Absconding Employees’ Location and Apprehension

Locating fleeing employee can be a major challenge to business owners due to intricacies of dealing with law enforcement agents and managing the required intelligence. We deploy human intelligence management processes to trace the whereabouts of fleeing employees and leverage on our law enforcement background to apprehend them.

Our clients do not have to interface with the police in the search processes and we carefully avoid all actions that will generate human rights issues. When absconding indigent employees are located and brought to book, it acts as deterrence on others.

Stolen Assets Recovery

Many businesses write off assets (materials, machines and money) which are stolen by their employees and partners instead of going after them for recovery. This not only means great loss to the organization but encourages others to also steal.

We uncover and recover missing assets for our clients through our systematic and coordinated search programs. With effective use of criminal intelligence management and specialized investigation techniques, we are able to trace and recover stolen goods for our clients.

Kidnaps for Ransom Resolution

We manage kidnap situations to ensure safe and speedy return of hostages to their families. The options and processes of negotiating with kidnapers or coordinating a rescue requires professional skills in order to minimize the financial impact on the victim’s family and risk of harm to the victim to ensure speedy return.

Whenever the option of rescue is considered desirable, it is coordinated with the Police with utmost care and professionalism. Ransom is also negotiated with kidnapers and delivered to the benefit of victim and family.